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Bestel Angel Investors Handbook

Angel Investor's Handbook, How to Profit from Early-stage Investing.

Today's seasoned investors are looking beyond the stock market to exciting new opportunities in private equity.

And no wonder - an investor can score huge returns just by hitting one home run. But since angel investing is also extremely risky, it`s crucial to have the right skills to win the game.

Whether you`re an experienced angel or new to this potentially lucrative area, this Angel Investor's Handbook is your road map for success.

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Angel Investors Handbook is bedoeld voor:

. Angel investors, ook wel business angels genoemd.

. Ondernemers die overwegen angel investor te worden.

. Kapitaalzoekende ondernemers die zich in de gedachtenwereld van een angel investor willen verplaatsen.

Inhoud Angel Investors Handbook

Authors Benjamin and Margulis guide you through the minefields of angel investing to help you make smart decisions in this high-stakes arena.

They reveal the secrets to investor success: not just how to pick a winner, but how to spot the management and strategic problems that let you eliminate the losers.

Step by step, they address every critical phase:

- how to find the most promising opportunities in an inefficient, fragmented market.

- how to assess and manage risks.

- how to develop investment criteria and the strategic plan for the investment.

- how to sidestep potentially disastrous mistakes by conducting thorough due diligence.

- how to negotiate the most favorable deal terms.

- how to effectively manage the investing process for high portfolio returns while reducing downside risk.

This book is the authoritative handbook on the exciting but risky world of early-stage investing that every potential angel needs at his side.

The book contains detailed documents and term sheets from actual transactions.

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